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     Lorcaserin is the generic name (at the time of this writing there was no brand name associated with it) of a trial weight loss medication produced by Arena Pharmaceuticals.Lorcaserin is classified as an appetite suppressant. In essence, it works in the brain to make one feel full. It works by stimulating parts of the 5-HT2C serotonin receptor in the hypothalamus thus affecting appetite and metabolism. It has a similar make up to a banded drug Phen-Fen but Phen-Fen was not selective in its workings and unlike Phen-Fen, Lorcaserin is
not showing the negative properties that got Phen-Fen banned. Phen-Fen was a combination drug consisting of Phentermine and Fenfluramine. Phentermine is still used today but it was the Fenfluramine part that was shown to cause pulmonary hypertension and heart value problems that proved to be dangerous and sometimes fatal.  
     Lorcaserin has been through several clinical tests now that show it could be a good candidate for FDA approval. Just under 500 overweight men and woman were signed up to be patients over 12 weeks. During this time doctors studied various aspects of their health for overall effectiveness and safety. There where 4 different amounts given to various people, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg or nothing (placebo was given) And what was shown was each dose produced a average different result in weight loss. Cholesterol levels also improved and blood pressure remained steady. And no heart value issues where reported like where showing years ago with Phen-Fen.
     Some side effects reported and these where nausea, headache, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting, and urinary tract infections,  but generally well tolerated. A stage 3 trial conducted for a period of over a year later showed that patients lost an average of 8% of their body weight, which falls within the FDA guidelines for an effective obesity medication.

Dec 10th 2009

It has been reported that there was a low abuse potential for Lorcaserin which is a feather in the cap Lorcaserin. This could help play a role in the FDA's future assessment and consideration of it. The study basically showed that one is very unlikely to get 'high' from taking this medication, a study result that Arena Pharmaceuticals obviously liked to hear.

Dec 17th 2009
News out today states that Arena's next priority is to bring it before the FDA and ask for approval. This could happen as early as a month.

Dec 22nd 2009
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
has submitted Lorcaserin to the FDA for approval. All together, there had been over 18 clinical tests with over 8500 patients. The biggest of these single tests being 7200 patients being treated for close to 2 years. Lorcaserin was consistant in its weight loss abilities along with admirable tolerability. If the drug is given the go ahead from the FDA it will be the first drug in the last decade to be approved for weight loss. This process is reported to take 10 months.

February 26th 2010
The public will most likely know by October 22nd 2010 if Lorcaserin will be approved by the FDA.

June 2nd 2010
The FDA has give notice to Arena Pharmaceuticals of tentative plans for an advisory committee meeting to discuss Lorcaserin as a treatment for obesity on September 16 2010.

June 17th 2010
Information from Lorcaserin's Phase 3 testing will be presented at the American Diabetes Association's 70th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida. Arena Pharmaceuticals has a June 26th date scheduled.

June 26th 2010

Arena Pharmaceuticals reported today that Testing at week 52 of a phase 3 trial consisting of more than 6000 patients showed that when treated with 10mg of Lorcaserin twice daily that all patients lost weight. Cardiovascular risk factors also where shown to improve with this treatment. The data illustrated that 47.1% of Lorcaserin patients achieved at least a 5% weight loss compared to the placebo (22.6%)

June 27th, 2012
The FDA has approved Belviq® (Lorcaserin) for the treatment of obesity.
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Lorcaserin is the generic name for the trial weight loss drug currently being tested.
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