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While people read the effectiveness of Qnexa, it often creates intrigue as to where they could buy Qnexa online. It is not wonder considering that such a large percentage of the population is struggling with obesity it only makes sense that they would be searching to obtain such a weight loss medication. People often immediately look to resources online to determine if they can purchase such a product. The FDA's decision date on Qnexa comes April 17th of 2012. It will be on this date that they take look at their panel's advise as well as any other information they have an make a decision. If this decision is a favorable one, the news will follow as to when it would be made available. However one will require a prescription from a medical doctor in order to legally use it. Many drugs require an actual face to face visit with a medical doctor. This one would be no different. Drugs such as this are very powerful and most often come with various side effects that must be considered by a doctor for each person individually.

There are also other possible interactions with other medications or even other foods or supplements that a doctor and or pharmacist would be aware of and this would need to be forwarded to each patient. Also, while many people may desire to obtain such a prescription, only a qualified doctor should make such a decision. In many situations, while a patient may desire to try Qnexa, if approved, a doctor may not determine it would be in their best interests. In order to buy Qnexa, if first must be approved, it must be marketed, and you must visit a doctor who believes that the excess weight would warrant the use of it and that your overall health would also warrant its use. You then would have to fulfill your prescription at a local pharmacy and only ever use as directed.

Qnexa is the brand name of the medication produced by Vivus. Qnexa is a combination drug of topiramate and phentermine being studied for the treatment of obesity.

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