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Belviq (Lorcaserin) the New FDA approved Diet Medication

          There have been numerous individuals that have emailed us inquiring about purchasing Belviq® either online or from a pharmacy. Judging by the results that doctors have witnessed for trial patients confirms that Belviq does indeed work and appears to be relatively safe for the general obese population. Most clinical patients during the testing phases lost significant amounts of weight and the FDA agrees that it indeed has been proven to work. There have been television news clips attesting to people who where part of the clinical trials that have felt extremely thankful for the weight they had lost. Obesity numbers have grown significantly over the last few decades and while there is debate on the reasons and cures, many doctors agree that diet and exercise alone may not always been enough to help one lose weight.

          While many conclude that obesity is mostly just an aesthetic nuisance, this is simply not the case. Being overweight is a dangerous hazard to ones health that is directly or indirectly responsible for several health problems. Some examples of these are heart disease, such as heart attack or stroke, elevated blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, psychological issues, stress on the bodies joints such as knees, hips and ankles and the list goes on. What many fail to understand is that these issues are not always just a problem for the person experiencing them but possible dependants such as children, disabled or the elderly. Generally, obese people tend to also have more sick days from work which also affects productivity. To put it lightly, our health care systems are strained from obesity related ailments. While private health care is not funded publically, it still ends up costing people on a whole. Not mentioning the taxes that public health care has to cover.
          Trying to figure out why obesity rates have climbed over the years is a little easier that trying to solve the issue. Most people know that ultimately if one is consuming more calories than they are burning, they will gain weight. So logically one simply has to burn more than they consume. While this is true, it is not as easy as it sounds and millions of people world wide are affected by various obesity related health problems. Reasons on the other hand are easier to list, our society has become more sedentary than the generations before. We are also on a whole addicted to quick nutrient poor food. But the reasons do not end there as many would think. One of the major issues that I believe people need much more of is education. I don't mean general education, but am rather referring to knowing more about how many calories are in certain foods and how much you can expect your body to burn during a given day. Many people are shocked to find out that their "healthy" muffin actually contains high levels of sugar and fat.

          The area I find of most concern are children and teenagers. The lifestyle you create for yourself during these years often carries over into adulthood. If children are not encouraged to get much exercise but rather sit in front of the television or computer along with eating lots of high sugar/fat/sodium food, there is a good chance they will not stray far from this lifestyle when they are older. When you are younger, the full effects of such a lifestyle often do not show, although for many it does, but when you age, there is no escaping what this will do to you. Children and teenagers need to be encouraged to "get outside", to play, exercise and have limits placed on their computer/television time and limits also need to be placed on certain dietary choices. If headway can be gained in this area, it will help the next generation in this regards.
Sometimes there are other health problems that make losing weight more difficult. If one has a disability, it may be more difficult to ensure exercise is obtained. This however is not most people's problem and even so, this makes ones diet all the more important. People often fail to understand that what they eat is the biggest factor in obesity. This does not cover all maters mind you, there are actual diseases that make the body excrete too much cortisol which in turn makes it very very difficult to lose weight. This affects an extremely low number of people and before you are eager to assume this is your case, consult a medical professional before even assuming this.
          No matter what or why, the reality remains that obesity is ruining more and more people's health and something needs to be done about it when exercise and diet are seemingly not doing the for someone. If you are a candidate, there is gastric bypass and other medical procedures but also prescription diet pills such as this newest one Belviq. However the determining question is are you suited for such a weight loss drug? There are side effects with any medication and a doctor or pharmacist can go over what these are. You also would need to consult a medical professional about obtaining a prescription for such a treatment. Belviq, the FDA approved diet drug will soon be on pharmacy shelves.
Belviq® is the brand name of the medication Lorcaserin.
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