Your informational guide to Tesofensine
Article 2

     I can see the headlines in a few years. "New pill solves your obesity problem with minimal side effects". This is a title that would have most all overweight people reading for more details. The idea may seem a little far fetched but modern medicine has come a long way in recent years and perhaps if the medication tesofensine's stage 3 trials prove to be safe and effective we very well could see a title like this in major newspapers around the world.
     Some say this could never happen, how could a pill help so much? Years ago, people would have perhaps never thought that pills for depression could have made the achievement they have. There are also pills for erectile dysfunction that have proven to be very effective with minimal side effects. This is just to name a few modern medicine advancements.
     A pill offering great weightloss with minimal side effects could change our world for the better. That is a pretty bold statement but let me explain. Our world has changed and is changing more. Many people's jobs no longer have the calorie burning work that similar jobs in past days had. Machines and other technological advancements have overall made things just a little easier. So with this, comes sedentary behavior among many humans. This also then has resulted in packing on the pounds a little more easily. Some people regardless just seem to always be just a little overweight, they exercise and eat fairly reasonably but they just have extra pounds. Wouldn't it be nice to have something to combat this problem? Having ones body mass index down to a healthy level would help someone's heart out. Perhaps once a person feels a little more 'in shape' this would also help them to get out there and participate in other activities that they used to shy away from due to their weight problems. Its shocking how obesity also ages so many people prematurely.
     If this pill makes it to the market someday, it will have had to pass some pretty strict testing as seen from the failure of other diet medications. If the FDA approves its safety and effectiveness it will no doubt keep the Danish pharmaceutical company pretty busy manufacturing its new golden pill. This also will cause many smiles of peoples faces as they will be able to see some fat disappear off of them. Time will tell if this makes it to the market and the impact it will have.

Tesofensine is the generic name given to the trial medication from NeuroSearch. It is currently being tested to fight obesity.

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