Your informational guide to Tesofensine
Article 1    

     Ok, so the stage 2 trial results of the medication tesofensine have proven to be very effective. Let say for example that stage 3 tests prove to be similar and that the medication is eventually approved for the market in most of the world. Not only will this probably sell like hot cakes but what implication would something like this have on society.
     It is strange how now more than ever the obesity problem in first world nations is climbing. There are so many diet pills out there surely one could simply take our troubles away once and for all. But perhaps also, the invention of one would actually make our troubles only far worse. Let me explain, say this new medication is approved and sold all over the place and there are success stories coming in rampantly. "Oh I was overweight and now just after taking this pill have lost the weight I needed to…" sounds good no? But what does that do for the masses? Suddenly it sparks in many peoples minds that they can start to eat however they wish and just take a pill to good health. Yet, you can be very unhealthy and still be considered a healthy weight. It is sort of the 'fast food approach' to ones health.
     Once upon a time there people had to make their own food, catch it, or grow it, cook it etc, then as modern society progressed, packaged foods came along, then fast foods. With the invention of fast foods, came the fast mentality and the harmful fats etc often found in these foods. So could there be repercussions of the fast pill mentality. Will this cause people to think, well I could go get some exercise this weekend to help loose a few pounds or I could go visit the doctor/pharmacist and just get a prescription to take those pounds away. Yet people forget that exercise and eating right have benefits all unto themselves, such as a healthier heart as well as getting the proper nutrients etc that your body needs. If you body is not functioning well as a result of poor diet and lack of exercise, I don't know how a pill will fix the problem. I guess time will tell.
     On the same note, I suppose like many things, in moderation are ok. What if one is eating fairly well (perhaps just a little too much) and they do get some exercise from time to time and they just can't seem to shed those few pounds. Would a diet pill be beneficial in their goals? I suppose so, but hopefully if this drug turns out to be the next big thing in weightloss that people don't assume it is ultimately their health pill and they can depend on it to rip the fat off of them no matter how they live their life. I think this kind of mentality could be asking for troubles down the road.
Tesofensine is the generic name given to the trial medication from NeuroSearch. It is currently being tested to fight obesity.

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